A unic know-how for a certified result.

In 40 years experience Mauri & C. has developed a unic know-how in order to offer the security of a quality product, as from technical as from aesthetic point of view, to its clients.

Thanks to the competence of Mauri & C. the clients don't only have the quality products but the assurance of the production process that is characterized by the highest level procedural handling; that's why Mauri & C. has chosen  the most important Certification Authorities to certify its experience.


Mauri & C. snc:

Registered office: Via Padova 16, 20833 Paina di Giussano - MB -

Operational and administrative headquarters: Via G. Mazzini 33/A, 22066 Mariano Comense - CO - Italy

Tel. 031.749174 - Fax 031.743919 - info@mauripoliuretani.it -

C.F.: 01718200155 - P.IVA: 00722060969 - R.E.A.: 0859607 - REG. IMPRESE TRIB. MONZA: 9232