We colour the future.

The finishing and varnishing operations are amoungst the most critical ones and that's why Mauri & C. makes them inside the company, under the strictest quality control.

The finishing determines the deburring of the edges and fine grain sanding of the moulded surfaces in order to prepare them to further varnishing process.

A polyurethane primer coat of most suitable colour shall be applied prior to the real varnishing in order to proceed then with spray application of the chosen varnish.

The typical polyurethane finish's got embossed matt varnished texture.

The surface could be further made precious with photo-engraved treatment of the mould.

Glossy and smooth surfaces, sometimes used by designers, can also be realized by Mauri & C., with upto 90 gloss brightness.

All the varnishing operations are executed into the pressurizzed cabin in accordance with the most recent technical norms of the sector.

The drying process is executed in the special hot-air oven in order to achieve the perfect quality.

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Mauri & C. snc has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
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