For structural and bearing elements.

RIGIDUR line polyurethanes are used for producing structural and/or bearing elements, also for the particular cases where metal doesn't seem to be compatible with the function of the component to produce.

The RIGIDUR polyurethane could be moulded with upto 1000 g/l density and with upto 1800 Mpa tensile strenght.

The RIGIDUR polyurethane is widely used for car industry, furniture, medicine sector,  automatic distribution machine bodies (vending machines).


RIGIDUR line could be varnished with polyurethane varnish of various RAL colours as in the mould as out of it. It could be matt varnished with textured or leathered finishing or 90 gloss bright varnished. The surface could be further made precious with a photo-engraving treatment of the mould.

All the materials of RIGIDUR range are completely water expanded.

The substances that could be dangerous for ozone are not used during the complete moulding process.

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